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About me

Jordi Perez Donat

videographer - photographer - video editor - TV producer

I am a 36 year old native of Alt Empordà, a northen region of Catalonia famous for its wind, called Tramuntana, and for artists such as Salvador Dalí. Good food, good wines, good weather, sun, the Costa Brava, and bla bla bla… I go wherever the wind takes me. Barcelona, Andorra, Gothenburg…

At home there were always cameras - those old classic photographic cameras of my father. I can say that I started in film photography. But with photography, I didn’t feel complete. Everything changed the day that a video camera fell into my hands ... Then the photos I took came to life, there was something more. I became a videographer. What do I like the most? To record and create unique stories with a personal touch. Videographer I don’t have a set office. I move my portable studio wherever necessary at all times, even in my backpack. Always ready. Mountain, beach, inside, outside, winter and summer, motor, sports, art, special events, corporate event recordings, TV, film, documentary or weddings, I am not afraid of anything. My background consists of many hours of recording and editing experience. I am versatile. I can readily adapt to all kinds of requirements and conditions. I am decisive and responsible.


tel: +34 647 833 741